J.M.S. Tax Service, Inc.

Tax Prep Paperwork


Form W-2(wages)

1099R (pensions, early IRA/401K/retirement account ditributions) 

1099INT/DIV (interest & dividends)

1099B for proceeds from stock transactions.  Please be advised we will need the cost price as well as the sale price.

SSA-1099 (if you receive Social Security)

1099G(Unemployment Income received)

1099MISC(Independent Contractor)

Form W-2G (gambling winnings)

Income fromTrusts or Estates

Schedule K1 from corps

Rental Income, expenses

Alimony received or paid


Please also include the following:

If you paid Estimated taxes, please be sure to let us know and include how much you paid.

If you purchased a home, or refinanced, please be sure to include the HUD (in your closing papers)

If you sold your home, please be sure to let us know when you purchased it, how much you paid and when you sold it. Please also include any improvements made and costs for same.


Deductions and credits:

Form 1098T (College tuition)

IRA contributions

Child Care expenses including name, address and tax ID of provider

Medical/Dental Expenses

Cash & non cash Donations

For the Homeowner

Form 1098 ( Mortgage Interest statements )

Real Estate taxes paid

Please include any energy efficient repairs or improvements you might have made to your home.
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